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Women's Loafers & Boots

Style & elegance come together in the Baudoin & Lange Women's loafer collection. Handmade loafers for women, in the Belgian style of shoemaking.

Women's Loafers & Boots 37 Results
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Women's Loafers & Boots 37 Results

Garcon Ruth Loafers

Manual and directive, Ginkgo penny calf loafers setting the tone and owning the voice.

Garcon Joan Boots

A character of their own, pull-up boots that transpire style and exude conviction.

Sagan Classic Loafers

The Women's Sagan Classic - the ultimate suede loafer created for a contemporary woman, designed for unparalleled comfort and style. Available in bow, string and plain styles.

Tassel Loafers

The classic suede loafer with a tassel on top, for a timeless elegant look with a touch of whimsical charm.

Women's String Loafers

A timeless womens loafer to take you from workday through to weekend, capturing the essence of casual understated elegance.

Sagan Lune House Slippers

Women's house slipper loafers, a heavenly comfortable variation of our Classic Sagan. Loafers with specially padded soft leather soles, designed to slip on exclusively for indoor wear.

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